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Order Odin X Microdose Starter Kit Online

Order Odin X Microdose Starter Kit Online! ODIN: Your Microdosing Journal. This Journal has been designed to help those starting their microdosing journey. It aids individuals at finding the best dose for themselves all while providing space to track and record their personal microdosing experiences. The ODIN journal is your safe space that will help guide you on your own personal microdosing journey.

Our NYC Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bars is designed for the beginner microdoser. Each bar contains 3g of psilocybin mushrooms and can be fractioned to whatever dose best fits individuals needs. NYC Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bars can supply between 1-3 months worth of microdoses depending on individuals chosen dose. This uniquely crafted bar will awaken your senses.

Create your personal microdose starter kit! Choose any flavour from NYC Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bars and pick any colour of ODIN microdose journals.
And Together, NYC Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bars and ODIN will provide you with a seamless start to your microdosing journey. You decide, control and customize your experience to fulfill your needs.

The perfect microdose starter kit.


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