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A microdose is typically between 0.02g-0.2g or 20mg-200mg. This dose should have an individual feeling completely like oneself with no apparent altered state. Individuals may feel more focused, energized and generally less anxious. A microdose is usually taken three to fou times per week depending on one’s dosing schedule. This dose is taken to improve cognition and enhance an individual’s day-to-day activities. If you are consuming a microdose and are feeling more “sensations” then that dose may be too high for you and you should consider lowering your dose.

A Macrodose is between 2.5g- 5g or 2500mg-5000mg. This is a true psychedelic dose where an individual will experience altered visuals, the appearance of fractal patterns, and no sense of time. This dose will result in strong effects on, consciousness, essence of being, and individuals’ perceptions and understanding of the world around them. One will experience intense visions, moments of discomfort or extreme euphoria/ gratitude, and stages of great insight about oneself and surroundings. 

Individuals who consume this amount are usually looking for a deeper understanding of themselves, the world around them, and their traumas. These experiences are described as life changing, transcendent, and a feeling of connectedness. 

Note* This should not be a dose that is taken on a whim without thought or preparation, as this can set off what is described as a “Bad Trip”. This dose should be taken with assisted theraphy and a thoughtful SET, SETTING, and DOSE. 

A creative dose is typically between 0.2g-0.8g or 250mg-800mg. This dose should have an individual feeling somewhat elevated, and their senses heightened. Colours are more vivid, feelings are more pronounced, and sounds of music are elevated. Everything you do and see is slightly enhanced. With a creative dose you are in an altered state, but still in control. When consuming this dose, individuals will not experience hallucinations, or a distorted sense of time. This dose is typically taken when wanting to create art, play music, engage in creative problem solving or simply have a fun night out with friends.

Microdosing effects may vary between individuals depending on weight, height, metabolism, and tolerance. It is also important to note that each experience is different for every individual based on their life experiences and personality traits. Two users taking the same dose may experience different effects. For individuals with lower body weight the effects may be higher at lower doses. One should consider starting at a lower dose, taking the above factors into account when consuming to ensure the desired outcomes are attained.

No, you will not experience any psychoactive/psychedelic effects if you take a microdose. Generally, a microdose is a small fraction of the active ingredient psilocybin. You shouldn’t feel intoxicated and should feel your usual self. However, a microdose is considered to be a mood enhancer so you may feel your spirits are higher or perhaps you are experiencing an increase in cognitive function such as improved focus and energy.

With this being said, everyone is different and has a different tolerance, so it is important to find the perfect personal microdose that is right just for you. Keep in mind that different variables also play a key part when consuming a microdose so it is important to note these variables to encourage consistency.

Your first time microdosing we suggest you try it on a day off and log the effects you notice, as well as how you are feeling over the course of the day. This ensures proper dosing for each individual, as well as mitigates nervousness around trying a new substance.

There are two recommended microdosing schedules. The first recognized schedule is Fadimans, 1 day on – 2 days off – repeat. This method is designed by understanding that after ingestion, the psilocybin will be metabolized within 48 hours. By the third day after ingestion your body will have gotten rid of the psilocybin completely, ready to repeat the cycle on the following day. The second method was designed by Paul Stamets, suggesting 4 days on – 3 days off – repeat. For more information on microdosing click here.

Ultimately, it is one’s personal choice as to how they want to schedule their microdose. Depending on the individual, this could vary between the two methods discussed above to a few times a month. Repeated use of psilocybin increases tolerance therefore, it is important to schedule off days.

Everyone can consider scheduled microdosing. Talk to your healthcare practitioner to see if this could be beneficial for you.

We recommend that individuals speak to their healthcare professionals before consuming psilocybin with other medication. Although psilocybin has been proven to help with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, we suggest doing further research when considering psilocybin for medicinal use. Individuals on medication should speak with their medical practitioner before consuming psilocybin. We are not licensed physicians and our recommendations are based solely on our research and personal experiences.

We strongly advise against mixing psilocybin and alcohol together as the effects of both will be strongly enhanced. If proper dosing and mixing are abused, this may induce sickness to an individual.

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If the chocolate has been exposed to moisture or perhaps stored in the fridge, this will cause condensation creating a separation in the sugar molecules; creating a bloom.

Yes, blooming chocolate is 100% safe to consume. There is no difference in taste. One might find that the texture and appearance may differ.

Like most chocolate we suggest consuming the product within 4-6 months. After the best-before window, chocolate is still edible although taste and quality may change. The potency of the active ingredient, psilocybin, will remain fully active.

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